New Artists

New Artists

If you have music that you would like us to air, please contact us using the Form below.

Please note and agree with the following:

  • The genre of the song must be Country, Southern, Bluegrass Gospel or similar. 
  • Please make sure the id tags are correctly filled in, especially the Song Title and Artist as these will show up on our website and various streaming services we use.
  • We listen to each song before a decision is made and our decision is final. 
  • If accepted, the song will be added to our Station. The Radio Station is computerised and we are not responsible for how often your song is played. The software will try and give everyone a fair chance to be aired.
  • We cannot accept requests for your song or any song to be played at a particular time
  • We reserve the right to stop playing a song, or reduce it’s rotation for any reason

If you are happy with this, please upload using the form below. You should be able to upload your songs in mp3 or zip file format. If you wish to upload in another format, please contact us, however mp3 is our prefered audio file format.

This form is quite new and may be prone to teething problems, so if you have problems sending, please contact us.